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Find out what your guitar is worth by using these appraisal tips that cover the basics of pricing a guitar. You'll get better results than what the the music store could give you.

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What's the difference?

If you want to insure your guitar, why would you want a cash offer? And if you want to sell your guitar, why would you want an appraisal? Yet, many dealers offer 'so-called' appraisals in an attempt to buy your guitar. So will a person with ulterior motives really provide an accurate value for your guitar? Of course not. Nor will much research be involved with pricing of your guitar. Yet this happens every day when dealers are giving out a 'one page opinion' letter and calling it an appraisal. 

This is why we separate our appraisal service from our buying service. ASA Certified Instrument Appraisers are obligated to research and discover all available information on the property being appraised. Our guitar Appraisals provide credible build and comparable sales information about your guitar and the resources from which that information came. Our goal is to produce the most accurate information about your guitar and what it's worth. This way you can have an AUTHENTIC line-item, detailed guitar appraisal for all of your insurance, legal and even curiosity reasons. 

Most dealers will check EBay to get a value to see what they could sell your guitar for, then price your guitar based on this information. The problem is they do not always understand how to research that specific EBay seller and listing to evaluate WHY that guitar sold for that amount. (See EBay Tips) Nor do they check any other resources and comparable sales like a certified appraiser is required to do. Others may just look up the price of your guitar in a blue book. The problem with this is that blue book information only scratches the surface of the guitar's value and is meant to be used ONLY as a starting point for further research. (See Blue Book Tips) Blue book values are rarely accurate and require further investigation in other price guides, current listings from reputable guitar dealers and verified comp sales.

Then you have all of those 'Free Appraisals' offered by folks who desire to gather information. A certified guitar appraisal requires 1.5 to 3 hours of research, then another hour to write up a certified appraisal report. It's obvious that no actual research is being done by folks offering free appraisals. These people are 'number punchers' and are total amateurs at pricing guitars, but could be experts at gathering your information or selling an email list. The good news is that you could actually make a better pricing evaluation for your guitar on your own by reading our Free Tips page.

However if you desire deep research on your guitar from ALL sources or need to prove your guitar's value to insurance companies or in court, then order a 

Professional Guitar Appraisal today. 

‚ÄčThis detailed, written appraisal report from a professional instrument appraiser can be used for all legal purposes like insurance, courts, banking, and IRS donation documentation.

If you want to sell your guitar, we don't make you buy an appraisal like others do. We can make you an offer over the phone and buy your guitar online.

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